PRES : Licensing Exam For Doctors Ireland

Doctors allover the world clear the medical licensing exams to become eligible for practicing medicine in that country. Its specifically important for the International medical graduates (IMGs). For working in USA and UK one has to clear the USMLE and PLAB respectively. Similarly Canada has MCCEE and MCCQE. US has always been a heaven for doctors, that's obvious as 70 percents of students in a medical school go for the big money usmle.

Ireland on the other hand have a relatively easy exam (And when i say easy i mean RELATIVELY EASY, all the competition exams are difficult whatever the case is) called Pre Registration Examination System (PRES) formerly called TRAS. If a doctor wants to work in Ireland he must have a degree recognized by Medical Council of Ireland otherwise he has to pass Pres to get registered with the council and then he can practice. In some special cases pres is exempted, see the pres exemption list at the end of page


There are three divisions Trainee specialist(training posts) and General division(non-training posts) and super division. Decide in which to opt prior to applying for pres. PRES is divided into 3 Levels commonly said as Pres 1, Pres 2, Pres 3.

Pres 1 is the assessment and verification of documents by the Medical council of Ireland. The requirements are MBBS, MD or equivalent degree in medicine and surgery, Internship in recognized hospital with the respective medical council, IELTS certificate with a combined score of 7.

Pres 2 is an online written MCQ exam. Which can be taken in any of the examination centers in Ireland, Egypt, India, Pakistan. After clearing pres 1, medical council send admission card and details about the procedure of applying for level 2. The syllabus includes all the final year subjects i-e surgery, gynae obs, paeds, psychiatry, general practice. It is negatively marked. Total time is 2 1/2 hours and total questions are 60.

Pres 3 is a clinical exam (OSCE) in which communication, interpretation and practical skills are examined. Level 3 exam is only taken in Ireland i-e Dublin, Cork or Galway

After passing level 3, applicant can register in training specialist or general division, and apply for respective jobs.

Fee :
Pres 1: 375 (For IMGs)
Pres 2: 200
Pres 3: 600

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Writer : Majid Hasan