Mobile phones has already changed the way by which we communicate among us. Apart from calling, one can text, use it as a camera to take pictures, as a torch to find that common pin hiding deep in the drawers, as an alarm clock or may be for playing angry birds :D. Similarly with the help of applications medical students and doctors can assist themselves in their work. These apps can help us remember that difficult word or the normal range of lab result which you always forget.

There are many apps available but the must have applications on every student and doctors cell phone are as follows

1. Concise Oxford Medical dictionary: Iphone  Java
    Dorland medical dictionary Android

2. Pocket Lab Values Iphone  Android

3.  Physical Exam Essentials Iphone  Android

4. Pocket ECG Iphone
    Pocket EKG Android 

5. Medscape Iphone  Android 

6.  Medical terminology flash cards Iphone  Android

7. Epocrates Drug guide Iphone
    Davis's Drug guide Iphone  Android

8. Eponyms Iphone  Android

Apps for specialities:

Orthopedics Iphone  Android
Paediatrics Iphone  Android
Radiology Iphone  Android
Oncology Iphone  Android

Some of these apps are free others cost quite a money. As a student we have a tight budget, but we can always jailbreak (in case of iphone) to get these apps for free.

Writer : Majid Hasan