The Post-Call Syndrome

I feel dizzy, i feel restless. I don't quite understand what is that PG trainee whinning about,, ,, aaahhhm, check that patients blood sugar, or consult the urology department for his urinary retention? well who cares, i feel im a maniac, lazy, tired, and so much insomniac that i end up walking with a waddling gait with my mind shut off completely , not bothering about anything, just watching the clock to make it to 12 noon cz thats the usual time when i get relieved by that days "On-Callers"...... yes you must have figured out; MEET THE POST-CALLER!
                   The Sufferers of this condition are of the view that the "Post-Call Syndrome" should be classified as a Real Psychological, Urological, Cardiological, Neurological and all sorts of "Logical" Disorder by the World Health Organization as soon as possible. this condition literally sucks, a Real man turns into a Monster, a Cute girl turns into a psycho freak once they pass the usual 24 hours of the duty in their hospital. They are no more "well oriented with time, place and person", feeling hungry at odd times, and falling at random places on the floor, and literally wanting to slap each one of the members of the human species who tries to make an attempt to disagree with them on even some slight issues! And the trigger that increases the frequency of such an aggressive-cum-lazy behaviours is the continous scolding by the seniors (who themselves came Fresh from their Homes after a good night's sleep) to do work. "Man... they dont have the right to scold us,,, they slept the whole night on their comfortable beds, do they even know what we are going through? Shittt! Shutt up please or things will be bad cz we will start throwing things off here and there and the patients will surely see for themselves that we get out of mind sometimes....." are the inner voices post-callers experience during an Acute Attack! Visual Hallucinations are common, where the post-caller sees a bed everywhere around him/her, and feels always ready to go to dreamland.
                 The Fresh state continues maximum till 1am, after which the "deterioration" starts and frustration increases with time. And ultimately in the morning, things are worse. And if somebody luckily gets a chance to have a short nap, the waking up by other house officers is one of the most irritable things experienced by the Bechara/Bechari, where leaving the bed, sofa , or a chair (watever available) is the most difficult thing to do! And the morning follow up after doing the whole call, well, is as hard as attempting suicide while being proposed by the person you love! as soon as things are near finishing, the bechara/Bechari picks up the bag, and runs towards the main gate of the hospital,,, at that time, one forgets all the friends and collegues as they wont do any good to them(it feels like that seriously)... Usually at that time the shirts are wrinkled, pants twisted, hair completely give a bomblast look, and ultimately fall asleep in their cars/buses/rikshaws before getting home. Well, thats life.... A disease which is experienced by us the Docs only.... no doubt the syndrome is there.... but is an experience to cherish and remembered for the wrest of our lives... for we can say it to others "Hum raat ko jaag kar duties kartey they"......... Cheers u Doctors !!

                                                                                                                       Saqib Gul